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In our house, food traditions are the most important, the most lasting, and the ones that give the greatest feels of comfort. A pot of sauce simmering on the stove on Sundays, three kinds of pie on Easter, seven (ish) kinds of fish on Christmas Eve. Life is defined by food, and heritage by the way it's prepared.

When my mom expressed interest in starting a food blog, I was immediately on board. When cooking anything, should a question arise, my first call is always to my mother - how much garlic? how long should it cook? where is the puff pastry in the grocery store?! And she is always there to guide me, show me the right way to do things (even if I have my own ideas) and pass on the recipes that are generations old.

In the past, recipes were hand written, neatly on note cards or scrawled on scraps of paper. They'd get messy, sometimes they'd fade. They would get filled with more notes each time they were made. While I may have once offered to scan all these recipes for the sake of preservation, I never followed through. Now we have this new medium, and in a completely self serving kind of way, I'm excited to start putting them on this blog.

Hopefully you'll enjoy them too.


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